The Internet Lie Detector

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Welcome to the Internet Lie Detector! This is an experimental web server created and maintained by the advanced technology group at Internet Polygraph Technologies, LLC.

To use the Lie Detector:

A) Please name your favorite playing card.

B) Write it down on a piece of paper or post-it note.

C) Attach the note to your computer monitor.

D) Concentrate strongly upon the name of the card written on the note.

Now, please rest comfortably at your keyboard and continue to concentrate on your card.

You will be asked a series of Yes or No questions about the card.

For each question, you may choose to tell the truth, or you may lie.

Make sure you are concentrating on the card at the exact moment at which you make your answer.

The Internet Lie Detector will use the subtle cues provided by mouse tracking and sub-millisecond internet latencies to attempt to determine if you are telling the truth.